Social Justice and Advocacy: What we do

Justice Camp participants, including Bishop Linda Nicholls (fourth from right), take part in an outdoor interactive activity in the community. Photo by Michael Hudson

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The Social Justice and Advocacy Committee (SJAC) works with the Social Justice and Advocacy Department at the diocesan level to mobilize the church and its resources to work for social justice. We strive to create a society that is based on human rights, equality, and the dignity of the human person.

The social justice work of the diocese focuses on, but is not limited to, four areas:

The diocesan team strives to strengthen the voice of the church so that it can influence social policy and the social realities around us in a way that will create a just society through the following means:

EDUCATE: We use tools like this website, The Anglican newspaper, and our monthly e-newsletter to inform Anglicans about the social justice and advocacy efforts of our diocese.

EQUIP: We give Anglicans the tools and resources they need to be effective agents of positive change in their communities.

REFLECT: We provide theological reflections and insights on contemporary social justice issues.

ORGANIZE: We coordinate the efforts of the diocese to ensure that there is a consistent message from our church.

MOBILIZE: We have a network of dedicated people we notify about workshops, presentations, rallies, and protests which ensures that Anglicans have a presence at important events in the area covered by the diocese.

PARTNER: We collaborate with other justice organizations and dioceses doing similar work, adding our voice to theirs.

INCLUDE: We endeavour to get the whole diocese involved in our work: lay and clergy (including bishops); rural, urban, and suburban; young and old.

SUPPORT: We provide support to parishes in their justice and advocacy work. We answer questions, connect groups doing similar work with one another, and attend justice and advocacy events in parishes when possible.