Missional Transformation / TREC

Our world is changing rapidly in discontinuous, confusing ways. People generally no longer look to the church as they once did. Making a significant impact on our neighbours and neighbourhoods remains a constant challenge.

Yet always God is sending us in into the world.
The key to missional living is having eyes and ears for what God is up to and then joining in.

Some congregations of the Diocese of Toronto are in a two-year Missional Transformation Process (MTP) with the help of The Missional Network, and our local missional coaches, Duke Vipperman (lead) and Heather Steeves. The Rev. Ruthanne Ward has just joined the MTP Coaching Team. We are recruiting parishes with the leadership capacity and overall health to benefit from participation as well as contribute to our Diocesan learning. Find out more about the Missional Transformation Process in the following video (fast-forward to minute 6:13):

Examples of what we’ve learned so far:
– Missional transformation occurs when genuine innovation comes from among the people.
– The Spirit of God is among the people of God, so God’s future is among God’s people.
– Mission-shaped transformation can’t be led by pastors, clergy or those staff identified as the key leaders.
– Leaders still have a pivotal role to play but not through the usual, expected forms of leadership.
– To the extent that transformation is leader-driven, it will generate a lot of energy and hope in the short-term but fail over the long haul.
– A bottom-up, diffuse, non-linear process of transformation can create new missional DNA in church.
– We have found this comes best as we practice our way into new ways of thinking.

If you are interested in the Missional Transformation Process, contact Heather Steeves and/or Duke Vipperman to explore what this process involves. In 2014 the next cohort will begin. Click here for more information on  TREC