Diocesan HIV/AIDS Network

No More Turning Away: Responding to HIV/AIDS

Responding to both Archbishop Johnson’s vision of building communities of hope and compassion and the Social Justice and Advocacy Board’s strategy development paper, No More Turning Away: Responding to AIDS, the Diocesan HIV/AIDS Network has developed a three-fold ministry:

  1. To gather together resources and examples of existing programs to identify the components and skills required to develop an HIV/AIDS spiritual and religious care program.
  2. To gather and train volunteers in HIV/AIDS spiritual and religious care, HIV/AIDS education and HIV/AIDS liturgy and worship.
  3. In partnership with AIDS service organizations, design, test and implement a ministry or program for HIV+ persons in terms of their spiritual and religious care.

Our Vision

  • To reverse the history of abandonment by the church of those who live with HIV/AIDS.
  • To facilitate networking opportunities for individuals and congregations interested in engagement with local AIDS service organizations.
  • To be a healing place for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • To advocate locally, nationally and internationally for the elimination of HIV/AIDS.

Resources and Upcoming Events:

Be Part of the Light: Fight the Stigma

December 01, 2014: World AIDS Day Vigil;  St. Peter’s Anglican Church,  188 Carlton Street, Toronto, speaker: Indigenous Bishop, Mark MacDonald.

5:30pm refreshments, 6:00pm Vigil Service

for details contact www.stpetercarlton.ca or 416-241-1891 


Other Network Activities

  • Ongoing collaboration with the Ontario AIDS Network.
  • Ongoing promotion of World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) services in the Diocese
  • Exploration of social justice advocacy activities regarding local, provincial and national HIV/AIDS matters.
  • Workshop presentations.

For more information, please contact the Rev. Canon Douglas Graydon, Coordinator of Chaplaincy Services, 416-363-6021 ext. 236 (1-800-668-8932).