Vacancies & Calls

Inquiries for Ordination

Individuals who believe themselves called to the ministry of a priest should discuss this with their parish priest. After this, they should contact the Diocesan Executive Assistant to the Bishop of Toronto. Inquirers who expect to complete the academic requirements for ordination sometime in the next two years may be invited to make formal application for Postulancy. Because the application period provides the Diocese its primary opportunity for the discernment and affirmation of priestly vocation, the screening involved at this stage is extensive.


When a parish becomes vacant, the Area Bishop, Regional Dean, and churchwardens review the current needs and expectations of the parish. A preliminary list of suitable candidates is drawn up by the College of Bishops, who then advertise the vacancy on the Diocesan website. If you would like to be considered for a vacancy, please contact your Area Bishop.

To help individuals discern their call to ministry, a list and explanation of core values for parish ministry is available.

Leaving Your Current Appointment

As your current appointment comes to an end, please read “Leaving your Current Appointment” which is information and resources to assist during the transition period.