Our Diocese Connects

There is little doubt that Marshall McLuhan’s global village is a reality in our world today. With instant communication and ease of travel, people connect with people all over the world. The Church is no exception. Through these connections, men and women, boys and girls, gain an appreciation of the opportunities and challenges the church faces in different parts of the world. They can share together in word, prayer and action the ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Screen Shot of Google Map - Our Diocese ConnectsIn this Google Map you will see where many parishes in the Diocese of Toronto are seeking to fulfill the mandate of the gospel imperative in Mathew 25, and are connecting and engaging in partnerships around the world. Explore our connections by zooming into specific areas of the map and clicking on the pushpins for details about specific projects and links

If you want to know more, please download the detailed Survey of Global Relationships of Churches Within the Diocese of Toronto (PDF), which includes contact information.

If your parish would like to add its “connections,” please contact Gina Bearne. We intend to update the report quarterly and there is also an opportunity for you to add information to the Google Map as a collaborator at any time.

View interactive Our Diocese Connects map.