Photo by Michael Hudson

Christian marriage celebrates the union of husband and wife in the context of their relationship with Christ and the whole Christian family. Once you choose the church where you would like to be married, you will want to contact the parish priest well in advance of your wedding date.

Anglican weddings normally take place in church buildings. If you want to be married outside, or in another venue, talk to the priest.

Each parish has its own wedding policy. Some welcome all couples, whether or not they are members of the parish, while others have more strict expectations around membership. Each parish also has its own fee structure for weddings, which can range from free of charge to several hundred dollars.

At least one of the couple must be a baptized Christian. In preparation for the promises made in the wedding ceremony, the couple must meet with the clergy of their chosen church and are often required to take special classes with other engaged couples.

Marriage preparation classes are also offered at Marriage Prep. To get an idea of what Marriage Prep is about, have a look at Eight Conversations You Should Have Before the Wedding.

For more information about weddings, please contact the parish priest at the Anglican church where you’d like to have your wedding. To find a church in the Diocese of Toronto, visit the Find a Church section of our website.