Brother Give Us A Word by SSJE

As you may know the College of Bishops has a strong connection with SSJE  Here is an exert from an e-mail sent to me, I felt you may want to take advantage of this program for your own benefit.

The Brothers have adapted an ancient monastic tradition to create “Brother, Give Us A Word,” offering a daily online “word” to all who seek a deeper knowledge of God.

During Advent, The Episcopal Church has shared Brother, Give Us A Word on their Facebook page, and they report that it is generating lots of conversation and helping people to experience Advent more deeply.

Brother, Give Us A Word is available 365 days a year. We hope you might consider inviting members of your congregation to subscribe by email to Brother Give Us A Word.

If you would like to incorporate Brother, Give Us A Word in your church’s media please direct your communications person or webmaster to our Get the Word Out! page which has details on how to share this offering.

We have been deeply moved by people’s reaction and thought we would share a few with you:

Thank you for your daily word, which travels with me on my business trips. Always soul-nourishing.” Jean Ann, MA

I absolutely love this ministry. I read the word on my iPhone first thing each morning as I’m waiting for my tea water to boil. It’s like being on a guided retreat every day of my life.  Anything longer might be wonderful in theory, but it would pile up in my inbox unused.  This is inspired.   Thank you so much my friends!” The Rev. Steven, IL