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By Bishop Patrick Yu

Archbishop Rowan Williams used the image of a wandering storyteller to describe the role of the bishop.  I have often used this image on parish visits.  A bishop tells the story of the whole church to a particular congregation, and tells the story of the congregation to the wider church.  A bishop also tells the story of the past to the present.

In my regular rounds on Sundays and weekdays I do see “all sorts of conditions” of practices.  In the spirit of encouragement, I hope to describe some of the things that give me encouragement and hope.  Perhaps I should use “good” rather than “best” practices.  But I know that parishes and clergy are not competitive but eager to learn from one another.  This column is offered in the spirit of encouragement so that others may benefit from these accounts.


Best Practices in Missional Engagement – September 2014

Bishop Patrick Yu

I am delighted to have a copy of “Weekly Bread” –the newsletter distributed by the Church of the Messiah to people involved with the food market they sponsor.

It has a picture of zucchinis on the front, one of the farm fresh vegetables sold in their market, but also growing all too prolifically in many gardens.  Inside are recipes for using those zucchinis, a cookbook review, and an article on prayer.

This publication combines what it means to serve the neighbourhood as well as a useful engagement with spirituality.  It also has a subtle but clear connection with what goes on at the church.  There are pictures of people from many traditions praying, but the biggest picture is of people praying together at the Messiah.

I always believe that when Anglicans put their minds together to do evangelism-mission, they will do it well.  This is an example of a tasteful approach, and we will see its effect in time.



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