York-Credit Valley – Area Council Members

Current membership of the York-Credit Valley Area Council is as follows:

  • The Area Bishop – Bishop Philip Poole
  • The Elected Chair of Area Council – Anita Gittens

Regional Deans:

  • Etobicoke-Humber, Rev. Canon Al Budzin
  • Mississauga, Rev. Canon Jennifer Reid
  • North Peel, Rev. Riscylla Walsh Shaw
  • Parkdale Toronto West, Rev. Canon Philip Hobson

Lay Representation from each Deanery

  • Etobicoke-Humber, Anita Gittens (St. Paul the Apostle)
  • Mississauga, VACANT
  • North Peel, Dee McEnaney (St. James, Caledon East),
  • Parkdale West Toronto, Linda Jamieson (Church of the Advent)

Members at Large:

  • Norah Bolton (St. Mary Magdalene)
  • Kevin Campbell (Christ Church, Brampton)
  • Rev. Michelle Childs (St. John Weston/ Cleric Diocesan Council Member)
  • Jerome Friday (St. Joseph of Nazareth, Bramalea)
  • Rosemary MacAdam(YCV Area Youth Coordinator)
  • Constance Kendall (St. David, Lawrence Avenue)
  • Rev. Ric Miller (St. Peter, Erindale)
  • Garcia Robinson (Lay Diocesan Council Member)
  • Rev. Margaret Rodrigues (St. Philip, Etobicoke)
  • Rev. Canon Dr. Andrew Sheldon (All Saints, Kingsway)
  • Rev. Gary van der Meer (St. Anne, Toronto)

York-Credit Valley Elected Members to Diocesan Council

(At Pre-synod 2013):

Cleric (1)

  • Rev David Harrison, St. Mary Magdalene (Parkdale West Toronto)

Lay Members (2)

  • Norah Bolton, St. Mary Magdalene, (Parkdale West Toronto)
  • Michael Gundy, St. Anne, Gladstone, (Parkdale West Toronto)

Area Council Representative at Diocesan Council

(Appointed by Area Council, December 2013)

  • Rev. Riscylla Walsh Shaw (North Peel)

Archbishop’s Appointee to Diocesan Council

  • Rev. Michelle Childs-Ward, St. John, Weston (Etobicoke-Humber)