The Fund

The Bishop’s Company Fund provides a pool of funds for our bishops to come to the aid of clergy and their families with emergency needs, and, from time to time, to provide funds for programs which will strengthen the life of the Diocese. Examples of how these funds are used include:

  • Bursaries for religious scholarships
  • Counseling for clergy and family members
  • Inter-diocesan travel for clergy
  • Emergency building repairs
  • Funeral expenses

Proceeds from the fund’s capital account – totaling $500,000 – were transferred to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation in 2007. In doing so, we have augmented a larger diocesan endowment that will perpetually assist in funding the office and ministry of the Bishop of Toronto.

The fund administers the W.R. Kay Bursaries, awarded each year to men and women completing religious studies leading to ordination. In addition, the Eileen and George Carey Bursary and the Terence and A.J. Finlay Bursary are awarded to Anglicans pursuing post graduate theological studies.

The Church is more than an institution, indeed it is a family of spiritually minded peers. As a family, we seek to care for those who require assistant for extraordinary and specific purposes. By becoming a member of the Bishop’s Company, you are assisting the Bishop by helping a member of your diocesan family in need.